General Questions

How is the sound quality?

Our built-in A2DP/AVRCP audio processing system provides complete noise-isolation and HD stereo sound. Our Intelligent chip technology also offers better signal quality and high speed connection.

What if I sweat so much? will my CR8-1 Sport be safe?

We get asked this all the time and the answer is.. YES! Our filter design and sweat resistant coating protects your earbuds from being damaged. They will be just fine!

How do I connect them to my device? 

CR8-1 Sport connects directly through your phones bluetooth. With our latest intelligent chipset, you can seamlessly connect to any mobile device from up to 33 feet away!


How can I answer a call?

Thanks to our "One Touch" smart function... When you receive a phone call, simply click the earbud once to answer. Click again to hang up.


How long does the charging case take to charge?

About 1.5 hours and this will charge your earbuds up to 4 times.

Do you offer some kind of warranty?

Yes, we offer a free 6 month warranty which covers all manufacture defects.

How quickly do you respond to emails queries?                                                       

We try our best to get back to customer emails within 12 hours. During peak times, email support can be delayed by a few days, so we ask that you please have patience. Thank you!

How to buy?                                                                                                                    
You can purchase all of our products on our website by visiting Our products are sold exclusively on our website.