Full Back Workout with Kryss DeSandre

    LIKE & SAVE 💙💪🏼 Back Workout. Look who FINALLY has wireless headphones 🙈 after YEARS of putting up with pesky cords during my workouts! I finally don’t have to wear my phone tucked anywhere on my body while lifting... it’s liberating! 😆💙 These earbuds stay in so dang well too, I couldn’t have asked for a better pair than these @cre8soun...
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Shoulder Workout with Anais Zanotti

Shoulder boulder day 🔥
I just started using the 🎧Wireless Earbuds @cre8sounds 
and ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with them! 😍
You can charge them on the go, it comes with the charging box.
No more going to the gym with dead headphones! 😅
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