You Love Our Earbuds! How About Our Headphones?

You Love Our Earbuds! How About Our Headphones?

The CR8-BASS Wireless Headphones

Love the noise cancellation in our wireless earbuds? These wireless headphones provide complete noise cancellation! Block out all the noise, from the busy streets, gym, or family! 

The Design

We designed these headphones to be minimalist, sleek, and comfortable.

Premium cushion padding provides comfort for your earbuds.The padding covers your entire ear to provide the best noise cancellation we have to offer with increased bass and better sound quality. 

Advanced AS3435 noise cancelling technology paired with the premium padding will block out any noise!

Adjustable arms allows anybody to wear these headphones whether you have a larger head, or a smaller head. These will fit you! 

Black goes with everything. The color choice will not be over the top. It will go with any outfit and not draw too much attention! 

The Specs

  • Advanced AS3435 noise cancelling technology
  • 500mAh battery
  • 10-Hour playtime
  • Less than 1 hour charging
  • Hi-Fi Sound & Captivating Bass
  • CVC 6.0 double microphone noise reduction system

Whats in the Box

 You can purchase the CR8-BASS Wireless Headphones here:


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