Why It's Important To Have A Wireless Charger?

Are you living in the twenty-first century? Why sure you are! Speed and being location independent is what we all want and wish at this time. Apart from that, too many cords are stress. Nobody wants to stick to one location so that they can charge their phone and then continue the walks of their lives. Hence comes the need for a wireless charger.

When you have a life that involves too much speed and being on the go 24/7, then waiting for your phone to get charged is a time taking and frustrating process. Apart from that following are a few reasons why it is needed to have a wireless charger. 


  1. Lesser cords to take the stress of:

As you have chosen to go wireless-free in your headsets and have bought AirPods, it is time to get rid of the charging cable as well. The wireless charger is a huge stress-free thing as there won't be any tangles in your bag, and you will slide out the charger, and you are only placing your phone over it. You will only be needing the cord that connects to the charging mat, and the rest is wireless. 


  1. Universal compatibility:

The Qi charging that is the technology of the wireless charger is a universal standard. If you have many different wireless-capable devices, you may also use the same charging pad for all of them without worrying about its compatibility with the different charging slots. 


  1. Safer connections:

Since charging is only occurring inside the enclosed environments, and without any cords, there isn't any corrosion as there is no exposure to oxygen or water. This also implies that there is a reduced risk of any electrical faults.

This is a huge plus as many companies are selling janky charging cords. 


  1. More durable:

Without needing to plug or keep unplugging your phone regularly, there isn't any wear and tear on your phone's socket. If you keep alternating between charging wirelessly and with cable, this will also be less wear and tear on the cables. 


  1. It won't overheat your  phone:

When your phone is charged fully, the wo9rless charger will shut off automatically. It means that you are consuming less energy and a safe charge without any overheated battery. 


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