What are the causes of not getting better sleep?

What are the causes of not getting better sleep?

Sleep is one of the essential processes of the lives of living beings. As human beings, we keep on raving about how important it is to take enough sleep. But at the same time, our life and many of its included daily tasks make it just impossible to have enough sleep. Even if we manage to take shut-eye for prescribed periods, we still don't get able to take enough rest. Sleeping after 11 to 12 hours may also end us waking up tired and fatigued. But what are the causes? Why aren't we able to take enough sleep that is restful as well?


Sleeping will always be the part of the life of living beings that is needed every single day, and from time to time, our sleep patterns will change too. We must know that sleep cycles are just like food. We need to eat healthily to remain healthy, and similarly, good and quality sleep will help heal our brain and body physically. Through the following article, we will go through all the reasons that might be major causes of you not taking enough sleep that is both restful and full of peace. Many issues may be affecting your sleep cycles, and you might not even know about them. Have a thorough gander at your life and see what you are doing wrong that is negatively impacting your sleep routines. And try removing unhealthy habits right away. Let's jump in the main causes of poor sleep right now.


1.Sleep Apnea:

The difficulty in breathing may be a big reason why you are having a poor sleep. Mostly it is considered to be an issue in overweight men, but women of any size may face this problem. The repeated pauses in breathing in sleep can disrupt your cycle of sleep and hence make you feel tired the next day no matter you slept adequately or not. Snoring might not be your only problem why you aren't having a good sleep, but it can be a contribution. The solution is to a specialist and finds relief for apnea. You can also make a few life changes that will help in getting rid of apnea. 



What you eat will always and forever contribute to many of your life processes. Your sleep is one of them. Eating spicy foods can cause heartburn, and eating heavy meals will make you uncomfortable and also disrupt your sleep cycles. Having too much caffeine will keep you wide awake, and you won't be able to sleep well at night. Glasses of wine will make you feel sleepy but won't give you a good sleep. The solution to this issue is to eat dinner a couple of hours before you intend to sleep and try eating light meals. Do not take caffeine near your hours of sleep. 


3.Not exercising:

Sleep and exercise are connected. You won't be able to have a restful sleep if you are moving your body at all in the daytime. You do not work out and exercise daily for some time. You need to know that doing at least 5 minutes of extensive workout will make you healthy internally. 


4.Light exposure:

Light is a big factor contributing to your quality of sleep? You need to keep your body in a no light environment if you want to sleep well. The sunlight and natural light exposure tell the body that it is day time. Hence when at night you are exposed to artificial light, your body feels it's still day time. The solution for this is to get away from artificial lights and noisy surroundings. You need to keep your eyes away from light so that you can have a restful. You can also get sleep masks that shut off the light and help you get away from the noise as well. This mask from Prolaze is a wireless music sleep mask. It will keep the light away and will also give you sound sleep by shutting external noise away as well. 


5.Restless leg syndrome:

Women are more likely to have this syndrome. This causes a crawly, creepy feeling and brings uncomfortable movements in the legs at night time. It is mostly linked to hormonal changes early in life and also during pregnancy. This syndrome irritates and also disrupts sound sleep. To prevent this, you can have exercise daily and take a hot bath before going to bed. Also, try cutting back on things that make you feel jittery like caffeine and tobacco. 



One of the biggest causes of making people sleep restless sleep is stress and anxiety. People feel insomnia and have sleep problems because of their hypertension and overthinking brains. This can further lead to being lethargic and tired at all times. The solution to this issue is to see a doctor and look for help through friends and family. Talk to people and let the angst and frustration out. It would be best if you tried everything that makes you feel soothed and relaxed. Meditation can also help you get out of this issue. You need to relax and give yourself some time to recover from stress and overthinking. 




Sleep problems can be a part of your life at any age. You need to find ways and solutions to what are causing these issues and try fighting them back. Sleep and food are the most important parts of your life, so you much never let any external or internal factor ruin the quality of your sleep. Your sleep must make you feel healthy and rejuvenated even after a few hours. If it isn't making you feel healthy, then you might not be taking good care of your body. Try the solutions mentioned above, and get your sleep cycles better right away. This may take time, but you must keep trying to improve the quality of your sleep and hence the quality of your life. 

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