Ugly Wires in the Car? Try This!

Are you tired of those annoying charging cables in your car? 

We've all been there. Your phone charger gets caught on something and it just gets in the way while you're driving. The CR8-CWC is a phone mount for your car that is capable of wireless charging. Not only does it wireless charge, but it charges QUICKLY

What's different with this phone mount? 

Not only does it wirelessly charge your phone, but it automatically detects your phone and grabs onto it securely. How do you make it let go? just tap the sensor on the mount! You barely even have to press it. 


It installs directly onto your car's air vent and doesn't get loose overtime! With the mount being installed at the air vent, it allows for the perfect height where you can view your navigation app. No more looking down at your phone, taking your eyes off the road. Just a quick glance at eye level where you will still be able to see the road. 

Works on any phone!

The adjustable bottom tray allows you to adjust the height to make sure your phone fits securely and properly. Have a plus sized phone? It fits! Have a smaller phone? It fits! 

This car mount is compatible with any device that has the ability to wirelessly charge. For example: iPhone: 11 Pro/ 11Pro Max Xs Max/ XS/ XR/ X/ 8/8+ , Samsung: S20/ S10/ S10+/ S9/ S9+/ S8/ S8+

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