Top Reasons You Should Own A ENERBAG Backpack

Similar to power banks, backpack are reinventing themselves to keep up with technology. These days you bring your devices everywhere you go. So why not have a backpack with solar panels. Avoid forgetting your power banks and grab the backpack that you can take anywhere. The ENERBAG backpack will be your best bet. It has solar panel feature.

The Solar Panel Feature

  • Designed to absorb optimal sunlight. The energy harnessed from the sun rays can power any of your electrical devices.
  • Our panel is lightweight, durable, and travel friendly.
  • It’s perfect for many outdoor activities such as: hiking, lounging at the beach, or just to keep your devices charged up!

 USB Charging Port

  • Charge your phone everywhere you go with our built-in USB Charging Port! Just plug in your ENERBAG (by Cre8 Sounds ) Power Bank and you are good to go!

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