Tired of Lockdown? Go on a Hike with the Enerbag Sport Fanny Pack!

So you've been stuck inside for 3 months because of the coronavirus. Lockdown is almost over! This versatile fanny pack is going to change the way you do outdoor activities. Hold all your necessities in a stylish compact fanny pack! Grab your fanny pack today for the low price of $25! You can purchase your today here: https://cre8sounds.com/products/running-belt-waist-pack-by-cre8-sounds

Features That Set it Apart

Water bottle holder which is adjustable

You can have free hands now with the ease of a water bottle holder which is adjustable to fit any size water bottle. 

More Than Enough Storage Space!

There are only 2 zippers so you wont forget where you put all of your essentials. With 6 pockets, it is perfect for everything you need such as your phone,wireless earbuds, credit card, cash, license, protein bars, and your power bank! 

Adjustable Strap and Reflective Strips!

With the adjustable strap, it is perfect for kids, men, and women! The adjustable belt ranges from 72-160 cm, or 20-63 inches. Reflective strips around the entire fanny pack allow you to be safe during your nightly activities! 



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