Snapchat is Starting to Join the Music Industry

Snapchat is Starting to Join the Music Industry

Instagram and Facebook are two social media apps that have integrated music into their apps and now Snapchat is finally starting to integrate music into their app.

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In a recent update, there has been a new feature within Snapchat that may offer music in users’ posts. The company has been in negotiations with music companies including the big three — Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group — to license song catalogs for the Snapchat app.

What does this mean?

That would give Snapchat the right to let users include music in their posts, similar to the way TikTok — the successor to lip-syncing app — and Facebook do. The licensing rights would be limited to songs embedded in users’ posts on the social messaging and media app. In other words, Snap isn’t seeking to build a music-streaming service a la Spotify or Apple Music.

What Snapchat has Already

Snapchat already has a contract with SiriusXM’s Pandora, which lets Pandora Premium subscribers share their favorite songs, albums, stations and playlists via Snapchat. Snap also has a contract with Apple-owned Shazam, under which Snapchat users can ID a song by pressing and holding on the camera screen.


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