Live your life on the go with a face mask and built-in earphones by Cre8 sounds

Live your life on the go with a face mask and built-in earphones by Cre8 sounds

A lot of things revolutionized the situation of COVID-19 taking its toll on world health. When many businesses halted, and people lost their jobs, new things also took a new turn. People got the chance to stay at home and spend their time with family members. And with the new technologies coming up, we have the smart face mask for you all! 

Won’ it be a wonder not to have to wear earphones over your face mask but get both things in one? This face mask with music is the best thing you can invest in during these times of global disease. This face mask comes with built-in earphones inside it that can let you enjoy your music non-stop.

Providing you the most safety against the germs spread in the air and giving you a chance to enjoy your favorite music is what you get in this bundle. 

How can a mask with built-in earphones make your life easier?

  • Give your ears relief by giving up the separate earphone strain and enjoy a mask that plays music. This smart mask offered by Cre8 sounds comes with high-quality music delivery. Moreover, you won’t have to wear your earphones over the face mask as now both of them will come in one!
  • You get an uninterrupted fitness session in the gym as neither your mask will fall off nor have to do the hassle of earphones. This technology is smart enough to let you have the most workout in the gym and enjoy your favorite music as well.
  • High-quality sound is what we all love to have. This face mask with music is something you will always thank yourself for investing in. The high-quality sound you will get from this mask is the best payback for your invested money.
  • Invest less and get more. Don’t buy separate masks every time you head out. Instead, get the best sound quality and protection against the COVID-19 disease all in one. 

Cre8 Mask gives you protection with convenience and high-quality sound with ease. This washable mask by Cre8 sounds is washable and has a built-in microphone to give you a full earphone experience. 

This mask is designed to offer you the most comfort and maximum ability to listen to your favorite music. Cre8 sounds offer the most affordable and easy-to-use smart face mask with built-in earphones. 

This mask is designed to offer comfort, ease of use, and protection against airborne particles. You can listen to music, receive calls and enjoy your life full of music and fun! 

Now is the time to give up on your old sanitary face masks and switch your life to a smart face mask with music in it! No need to take your mask off to wear your headphones in public!



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