Get Ready For the Gym!

Looking for a sleek gym bag to carry everything you need for the gym? The Enerbag Travel/Gym bag is just what you need! 

You can purchase yours today here:


Shoe Compartment

You no longer need to leave a pair of shoes in the back of your car anymore! This gym bag has a separate shoe compartment that will fit any size shoe. It also has filters so your gym bag won't be filled with that sweaty shoe smell!


The Storage Space!

This gym bag can fit anything you can possibly need for the gym, including a basketball! The main compartment allows for ample storage. Mesh pockets along the insides of the bag ensure that any small objects stay in place. The size of the inside compartment is 50x29x28 CM

Phone Charging!

Lets be honest, those long gym sessions listening to music will drain your battery. This gym bag has a phone pouch and a USB port where you can connect your power bank and charge your phone. This eliminates the need to carry a powerbank and wire with you throughout your gym session! 


Not only can this bag be used as a gym bag, but can be used for travel as well. The simple black look doesn't make it look like just a gym bag, but can pass as a travel bag as well.  It is small enough for you to use as a carry on on an airplane and can fit all your travel necessities, such as clothes, shoes, laptop, hygiene products, etc. 


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