All in One Bundle for the Gym!

With Gyms reopening near you, you want to be prepared for it! You should get out Gym Bundle to get you pumped!  Purchase yours today here:

What It Comes With:

1x CR8-P1 Sport Wireless Earbuds (PREMIUM SERIES)

Step your gym game up! With our CR8-P1 Premium Wireless Earbuds, you will have the best sounding earbuds in the gym! It'll motivate you by delivering high bass and will cancel out all the distracting noise around you! Oh did we forget to mention that the charging case can also be a portable charger to charge your devices! 

1x Travel/Gym Charging Bag

Be prepared! The gym bag can hold all your gym necessities, clothes, water bottles, protein, towels, extra clothes, and most importantly, your gym shoes! Our gym bag has a shoe compartment that is separate from the main compartment and has filters to keep your clothes and shoes smelling fresh! 

1x Premium CR8-S Wireless Speaker(White or Black)

Want to share your excellent taste in music? Our speaker will deliver enough bass and sound to fill your surroundings so your gym buddies can jam out with you!


1x ENERBAG Power Bank(White or Black)

Forgot to charge your phone? Our portable charger will keep your phone charged throughout your entire gym session so you can continue to enjoy your music and stay pumped! 

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