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For the first time ever: top quality wireless earbuds at reasonable prices. free yourself with cr8.


Valentina Paola (@valegod)

I'm having so much fun with my new wireless earbuds! I love them so much! The best earbuds ive ever had!

Jeff Ortiz (@jeff_fitness)

I'm liking these headphones.  Theyre pretty  good.  I dont even feel them on my ear.  Stays put.  Pretty legit.

Mandy (@larssonmanda)

I've been using my CR8-1 Sport for almost 9 months now! and I love them soo much! 

Sandor Damjanovic (@sandor_damjanovic)

Thank you guys for these awesome earphones!!

Khalid Dawood (@khalid.m.dawood)

Okay so let me just sayy that. I got the new headphones and oh.. my.. GOD! They sound so nice I really really really like these ones

I mean I already loved the older ones but OMG this one is just straight up amazing. Thank u again for sending them I actully have been using them non stop.

Kay (@kayleeress)


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