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Like our first model, the CR8-2 Sport Wireless Earbuds have been designed to deliver superior sound, except this time, with even clearer audio and deeper bass! We added built-in ear hook, made it smaller and lighter to provide comfort and extra secure fit for even the most intense activities.


Mobile Multimedia Wireless Speaker

Premium portable speakerphone with superior audio experience for conference calls and music. Connect in seconds to laptop, smartphone and tablet via USB or Bluetooth®

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Listen To Music In Style

Perfect Fit To Perform

Due to its small shape and secure in-ear position, CR8-1 Sport earbuds are perfect for running, playing sports, hiking, working out, and any other activity. It's hands-free for maximum convenience. With filter design and sweat resistant coating, CR8-1 Sport true wireless earbuds are water-resistant and work through sweat. Workout to your favorite music with a Bluetooth headset that can handle almost everything.

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Approved By Professional Athletes

Connect to any Bluetooth Enabled Devices

Bluetooth 4.1 technology lets you enjoy the frequent high-fidelity super clear sound, quick pairing and stable connectivity.

CR8-1 Sport Wireless Earbuds

Our first generation of the CR8-1 Sport series is one of the world's smallest earbuds with the best sound quality, long battery life, mobile charging case, water resistant coating and the most secure fit. Built to withstand anything you can dish out.


No Wire. No Distraction.

CR8-1 Sport TRUE  wireless earbuds  feature superior sound quality for music and calls, and advanced wireless connectivity to ensure true performance. Our intuitive cord-free design includes two microphones in each bud that work together to filter out background noise ensuring that only your voice is heard clearly and with no distraction in every environment.

Customer Reviews

"I really thought I had satisfied all my Bluetooth headset needs but then I became infatuated with Apple's new wireless EarPods and have lusted after them but didn't want to spend the premium needed to acquire them. I've been on the hunt for something similar in style and function and came upon these great headset."

- D. Floyd

"CR8-1 Sport is awesome! I'm using iPhone7 and you know that It has only one port so this is very useful to me! It fits my ear so comfy and safely, the sounds is great I don't have anu complains at all! High quality headphones! Its worth the price! Highly recommended specially for the LDR couples."

- Ash

''I am very happy with this wireless earbuds, great sound and design, easy to use as well. I must say the earbuds was the best performing bud regarding range and functionality.''

- Joann Skagg

"I like to use very small Bluetooth earpieces. I also like using those that are only on one side. This allows me to hear ambient sounds if I am driving or doing other activities. The problem with many of the small your pieces is storage convenience and also the length of battery life".


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